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January 28,2017 Our speakerDr. Peacock

Dr. Peacock talk will on High Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy. Dr. Peacock plans to talk about 1)what it is, 2)how it’s done, 3)which patients may be eligible, 4)how it compares to other treatments, 5)current status/availability in BC.

If any members have specific questions, please feel free to forward them to me.

In November, Dr. Cox was our keynote speaker and brought our year to a happy end. His informative and inspirational presentation on“Managing prostate cancer in the modern era.” was divided into 5 video selections and posted on our web site and made into a DVD that may be borred at a monthly support meeting. As a research scientist, Dr. Cox’s discription of cancer and treatments in the modern era goes beyond anything we have heard from our medical practioners. It’s the view of a scientist at the Vancouver Prostate Cancer Centre who can see our disease becoming a chronic condition. Click here to learn more

Dr. Yang and Dr. YankoGave a joint presentation in May 2016.Their talk may be described as a basic course on the prostate, call it Prostate 101. Dr. Yang specializes in laparoscopic surgery while Dr. Yanko specializes in complications following treatment. Dr. Yang presents information on the function of the prostate and the many things that can go wrong with it, including BPH and cancer. He took us through laparoscopic surgery where we have a realistic view of the prostate and see close-up, what kind of a‘bloody’ mess, literally, urologists deal with during surgery.

Dr. Yanko talked about the complications of prostate cancer treatments and issues of incontinence and the various treatments for this condition. Dr. Yankoreturned on Oct 29th to complete his presentation on the complications of prostate cancer treatment-Erectile Dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment.

The presentations of Dr. Yang and Dr. Yanko were videoed and edited into short clips. They may be viewed on our web site. Click here

A DVD copy is available from our Library.

On Oct. 1st Dr. Richard Wassersugfrom the Dept. of Urologic Science of UBC, gave a presentation on 'The Reality of the ADT (i.e., Hormone Therapy) and Managing ADT Side Effects’Dr. Wassersug emphasized that his presentation was directed at thepartners of patientson hormone therapy, although some patients may find his talk useful (I know I did). From my experience in support groups which started in 1997, I would consideredDr. Wassersug's presentation as a primer on the topic for partners and family members and care givers.We videoed his presentation, and along with his PowerPoint slides put them on our web site. To view the slides, video, or bothclick here

Note:Our videos are not on You Tube. To keep videos manageable and secure they are programmed differently. Videos are designed to be responsive, that is they will readjust to the size of a cell phone, tablet or computer screen. For large tablets and computers, VIDEOS SHOULD BE VIEWED FULL SCREEN, click here for directions on how to do this. Dependingon the mood of the internet and/or your internet package, it could take 10 to 20 seconds, or longer, to download.


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TheVancouverProstate Centre’s - Prostate Cancer Supportive Care (PCSC) Programat the Vancouver General Hospital is for men newly diagnosed, and for those who have received treatment.

Much has changed in the Support men can now receive. TheProstate Cancer Supportive Care (PCSC) Programis at The Vancouver Prostate Centrenow is an excellent option. Theymay be contacted without a referral and do work with your doctor.

Contact Number: 604-875-4485


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