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PCCN Surrey is a Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group. We are members ofаtheаProstate Cancer Canada Networkа(PCCN) and theаBC Support Group Councilа(PCFBC)а—>> аRead moreа


November 26 Meeting - Guest Speaker аDr. Michael Cox, Associate Professor, Dept. of Urologic Sciences, University of British Columbia and Senior Scientist at The Vancouver Prostate Centre will bring us up-to-date on research into Prostate Cancer. The title of his talk

“Managing prostate cancer in the modern era”

Summary: I will give a brief overview of prostate biology/physiology and an update on prostate cancer epidemiology in Canada based on the recent Canadian Cancer Society statistics release. There are some fascinating trends emerging I think everyone should be aware of. I will then quickly cover how prostate cancer diagnosis and management has changed since 2010. I will focus on emerging concepts of precision oncology and how they are being applied effectively to men with prostate cancer today and in the near future. My visual aids will likely be more complicated and technical than is appropriate for the audience but I use them all the same. I will carefully craft my statements to make my points to your group. The take home is that we are truly entering a new era. Real progress is being made to help men with progressive disease.

This is our last meeting of the year. Please bring a treat to share with others. We will supply coffee.


Two New Videos

Dr. Yankoаspoke to our group on Oct 29th one of the effects of treatment -аErectile Dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment.аThis outstanding presentation was videoed and edited into short clips. It has been added toDr. Yanko’s аprevious talk onа“Complications of Prostate Cancer Treatment"CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

We Have a New Video! аOn аOct. 1st Dr. Richard Wassersugаfrom the Dept. of Urologic Science of UBC, gave a presentation on 'The Reality of the ADT (i.e., Hormone Therapy) and Managing ADT Side Effects’аWe videoed his presentation, and along with his PowerPoint slides put them on our web site. To view the slides, video, or bothаclick here

Note:аDr. Wassersug emphasized that his presentation was directed at theаpartners of patientsаon hormone therapy, although some patients may find his talk useful (I know I did). From my experience in support groups which started in 1997, I would consideredаDr. Wassersug's presentation as a primer on the topic.а


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WANTED for a UBC Study -аexperienced prostate cancer survivors and their partners or caregivers in a research study funded by Prostate Cancer Canada and Movember. аTo learn more click here


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TheаVancouverаProstate Centre’s а- Prostate Cancer Supportive Care (PCSC) Programаat the Vancouver General Hospital is for men newly diagnosed, and for those who have received treatment.

аMuch has changed in the Support men can now receive. аTheаProstate Cancer Supportive Care (PCSC) Programis at The Vancouver Prostate Centreаnow is an excellent option. Theyаmay be contacted without a referral and do work with your doctor.а

Contact Number: 604-875-4485аа


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