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It’s been fun and for the last 15 years we have kepy this web site active. However, due to rising costs and decreasing enrollment in our support group,аour web site will no longer be updated. It will remain active until the forwarding domain subscription runs out.


George Main

Dr. Alexander Wyatt, PhD, Senior Research Scientist Van. Prostate Cancer Centre, Assistant Professor, Dept. of urology Sciences UBC.

Topic - genomics and difference between aggressive and non – aggressive prostate cancers


Some notesа


DRINK COFFEE for preventionаResearchers have found that men who consumed three or more cups of coffee (espresso) daily had a 53 percent reduction in their risk of prostate cancer when compared with men who drink no espresso or up to two cups daily. Read more

Article in HealthAfter5o comparing Robotic Surgery with the Knife

Choose carefully - read more

More on PSA Testing.аааThe following will link to an excellent article on PSA testing. Click anywhere on the following article found on Prostate.netаа

The following points are discussed in full.


More about Diet and Nutrition and prostate cancer.аAt our last support group meeting there was several questions raised on the use of foods to fight cancer. The following mentions research that food will not cure cancer but it does a lot, along with exercise, to boost the immune system and support treatment.аTo read more on this click here

To read about foods to avoidаclick here

If you are interested in the latest research, or lack of, into Viatmin D - Click here

Do you know what the numbers on fruit means?а

To find out more click here

Review of February Speaker on Brachytherapy - Video at click here

Dr. Peacock compared Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy (LDR) with High Dose Radiation (HDR) Brachytherapy.а Low dose rate brachytherapy involves the placement of between 80-120 seeds directly into the prostate gland and the radiation lasts upwards of 6 months.а The HDR brachytherapy procedure takes approximately two hours total for the procedure, however the delivery of the radiation source takes only about 10 minutes and following the procedure the patient is not left with any residual radiation. а The Cancer Centre for the Southern Interior in Kelowna has been offering the HDR Brachytherapy procedure for its patients for approximately 5 years, and was started by Drs. Crook and Bachand. Video available from our library. For more on the presentation click here

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Dr. Peacock on Radiation and High Definition Brachytherapy - Dr. Peacock spoke to our group in January. His talk, although on Radiation Therapy both external beam and brachytherapy and the future both hold for the treatment of prostate cancer,аthe over riding theme is how changes in technology are improving the treatment of prostate cancer.аTo view is talk, click here

Dr. Cox was our keynote speaker in November and brought our year of meetings to an enspiring and hopeful end. His informative presentation onаManaging prostate cancer in the modern era.” was divided into 5 video selections and posted on our web siteа For members who have WiFi difficulty we made Dr. Cox’s presentation into a DVD so that may be borrowed to view at home.


Dr. Yang and Dr. YankoаGave a joint presentation in May 2016 and Dr. Yanko in October 2016.аTheir talks may be described as a basic course on the prostate, call it Prostate 101. Dr. Yang specializes in laparoscopic surgery while Dr. Yanko specializes in complications following treatment. Dr. Yang presents information on the function of the prostate and the many things that can go wrong with it, including BPH and cancer. Dr. Yanko talked about the complications of prostate cancer treatments. The presentations of Dr. Yang and Dr. Yanko were videoed and edited into short clips. They may be viewed on our web site. аClick here A DVD copy is available from our Library.


On аOct. 1st Dr. Richard Wassersugаfrom the Dept. of Urologic Science of UBC, gave a presentation on 'The Reality of the ADT (i.e., Hormone Therapy) and Managing ADT Side Effects’аDr. Wassersug emphasized that his presentation was directed at theаpartners of patientsаon hormone therapy, although some patients may find his talk useful (I know I did). аTo view his presentation аclick hereа


Please Note:аOur videos are not on You Tube for PRIVACY concerns. To keep videos manageable and secure they are programmed differently and placed on our web site. Videos are designed to be responsive, that is they will readjust to the size of a cell phone, tablet or computer screen. For large tablets and computers, VIDEOS SHOULD BE VIEWED FULL SCREEN, click here for directions on how to do this. Dependingааon the mood of the internet and/or your internet package, it could take 10 to 20 seconds, or longer, to download.


The following will link to all videos on our web site. (I hope!)

TheаVancouverаProstate Centre’s а- Prostate Cancer Supportive Care (PCSC) Programаat the Vancouver General Hospital is for men newly diagnosed, and for those who have received treatment.

аMuch has changed in the Support men can now receive. аTheаProstate Cancer Supportive Care (PCSC) Programis at The Vancouver Prostate Centreаnow is an excellent option. Theyаmay be contacted without a referral and do work with your doctor.а

Contact Number: 604-875-4485аа


Click here for a PCSC Program Summary (PDF opens in new window)


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